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Belgian Chocolate Experience
  1. A Closer Look into (Vegan-Friendly) King Monty
    The 15th century, somewhere deep in the jungles of Central America. Seated on a mountain, with a view of his Kingdom, we find Montezuma — Monty for his friends — King of the Aztecs and unofficial Emperor of chocolate. Monty sips some fifty cups a day, and when the need is high, he even bathes in the medicinal benefits of...
  2. Meet Frederic Blondeel
    Frederic Blondeel lives for the perfect roast. Three generations of refined experience in coffee can be seen through Santos Palace, who are a guarantee of quality in all aspects of the process. This cultivation of tradition transfers perfectly to the delicate cocoa bean. They are selected in tropical plantations then transformed into an impeccable product: chocolate bars with intense flavours...
  3. Introducing Cachet
    Cachet’s mantra is simple: Eating chocolate should be the most enjoyable thing to do in the whole wide world. As a Belgian premium brand, Cachet has endless surprises for every chocolate lover. Whether you indulge in their melt-away pralines or savor one of their tasty bars, it is impossible to resist the delicacy and creativity of their chocolate varieties— all...

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